To boldly do what no one has done before

Combining cutting-edge technology and creation is our bread and butter. We create products and unique interactive experiences, customized to attend all the client needs to touch the audience on a deeper level than conventional advertisements.

Internet of Things. Wearables. Virtual reality. Digital Installations. 3D printing. We speak the language of geeks and creatives. More than providing solutions, we are co-authors of our projects, participating in the process,from briefing to final product.

Hardware & Software, Real & Virtual. Our projects combine the best of both worlds creating a unique experience. A glass that toasts via Facebook, a mask that glows when someone that matsch yourt interests is near you, the vending machine that tease who wants to buy a chocolate. All designed to make your marketing actions most useful and fun.

We have clients from various industries such as advertising, events, automotive, health, drink and food. We searched endlessly to offer them the opportunity to turn innovative ideas into reality. In our five years of life, we created more than 100 inovative projects and remarkable experiences, giving a taste of the future to brands and events.

Smart Era and the maker movement

The Maker Movement has won the streets. FabLabs and hackerspaces spread throughout the world multiplying DIY culture’s effects in education and propagation of ideas. Bolha was born of this movement and actively collaborates to its growth, attending courses, lectures, events and Hack-A-Tons.

We believe that a new industrial revolution is born, where innovation will come from creative individuals and not large companies. The tools are here: ever cheaper circuits, chips, sensors and 3D printers that allow anyone imagine a solution and turn it into a product that can change the lives of millions.

That's what we do: products that promote new experiences. Important events that remain in the memory of those who lived them.

Internet of Things

The cup that toasts on Facebook, the foosball table that stream the score of the game, a coffee maker that tweets. Everything is possible.


Smart bracelets, LED clothes activated by infrared, buttons, necklaces and other accessories connected to the digital world.

Digital Installations & Hacking

Touch interfaces, totems, self-service applications, vending machine hacking and various activations for events, showcases and other physical spaces.

Virtual Reality

Unity developing, VR capturing and content creation, inexpensive VR cases  based on Google Cardboard.

Projeção and Mapping

Installation of projection structures, creation and implementation of mapping, Processing development and Kinect hacks.

Mobile / Web Development

Android and iOS apps, native and hybrid solutions. Second screen. Geolocalization. Responsive design and SEO.