Solutions for wi-fi

It is not polite refuse someone a glass of water or Wi-Fi password. Believing  in that we created BOSII, a democratic way to offer free wi-fi. Using a router with hacked firmware, BOSII allows any object transmit WiFi signal. We already installed BOSII in street clocks, water sprinklers, totems inside stores and malls. BOSII is a social payment device. One brand can offer free wi-fi and users "pay" with a Facebook like, tweet, or signing up. A user approaches the access point, turn his device (mobile or laptop) and is directed to a landing page that passes the brand message. Registering via form or Facebook he gets internet access. BOSII is a great engagement tool for actions in bars, restaurants, cinemas, shops and events.

Social Machine

Vending machine customization / rich sampling

A vending machine hacked to interact with the user. Social Machine is a hardware, software and peripherals solution embedded in a machine that delivers products. It adds intelligence and allows a wide range of interaction possibilities. It can be coupled to any vending machine or other types of equipment and furniture.Social Machine can be adapted in many ways, with cameras, sensors, microphones etc. allowing interaction through gestures and voice. The machine can also be remotely controlled. This flexibility creates a unique solution, fully customized. Social Machine generates pieces of great impact and engagement, increasing the efficiency of sampling and tasting actions and allowing its online replication using social payment.


Wearable application to find interests / affinities that match

Our first experience with wearables is a real life Tinder . People with common interests are found easily with Alike. It is a small device based on an ARM chip that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for communication and can be turned into a pendant, brooch, bracelet or any wearable prop. Each user enrolls their preferences and Facebook profile in the system, wear his/her Alike and sets out to find someone who has the same characteristics. When he finds someone, a light comes on warning that it's a match. Alike is a perfect solution to give a technological touch to parties and events.


The foosball table integrated to social networks

In Rio, it is called Totó, in Sao Paulo, pebolim, in Portugal, matraquilhos and in the US, foosball. The names are different but the game is the same old table football. We revamped it adding sensors and connecting scores with social networks. Enter your Facebook user at the sponsor page and play ball. The scoreboard is updated online and your friends can see how good you are at foosball. Foosb is an activation product, ideal for agencies and brands create brand awareness in large events, fairs, shows, shops, bars and in-company events.


Automated printing

Bolha offers several innovative experiences of great impact that remain in the memory of its participants. To register these moments, we offer Guten, an instant digital print solution. Using hashtags or geolocation, Guten aggregates all the photos taken by participants of an event on their smartphones, print them and make them available as a gift when they get out. It can be used as a complement to other actions, creating a physical gift that keeps the feeling of the experience much longer. Guten can also be used as "social printer" capturing user profile data on networks like Instagram and Facebook and creating memories printed on paper, plastic, fridge magnets or other materials.