To launch Gillette Venus Breeze razor, Grey wanted to take advantage of something much disputed in the summer of Rio de Janeiro: the water sprinklers refreshing who is on the waterfronts. So they created a series of ads that reinforced the product and, moreover, offered free internet for everyone. And that’s where Bolha came with BOSII.

We installed BOSII, Bolha’s product to provide access to free and unlimited wi-fi internet, in dozens of Clear Channel’s water sprinklers across Rio’s waterfronts during the first quarter of 2016. To access the internet, the user just had to connect to the wi-fi network, see the campaign’s video and voilá: free and unlimited access. Besides BOSII, Bolha also created a web interface in which the user entered to watch the video and release its access.

ClienteGillette (via Grey)CategoriaInstalação Digital