Arteris, one of the biggest players in the Brazilian road infrastructure sector, sponsored an exhibit about the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Bolha was invited to create an interactive experience for the visitors.

Visitants received a ticket to join a virtual city tour of Barcelona, presenting Gaudí’s unusual buildings and designs. But instead of just watching the VR, people were invited to have the full experience from the comfort of a sightseeing bus tour in Florianópolis, Brazil, where the exhibit was held.

Bolha produced the video content of the virtual reality experience recording an original 360º tour of Gaudí’s famous landmarks in Barcelona. Then, an application was created to display simultaneously the content for 40 virtual reality glasses for all the participants at the bus. A tour guide followed the content from a tablet and narrated the tour in real time.

• 40 participants per tour
• 1,500 participants in total
• 50K likes and 3K shares in social media
• USD 450,000+ in spontaneous news coverage


Virtual Reality, Experiential Marketing

Arteris Gaudí VR Tour

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