“No Pulso do Brasil” (On Brazil’s Wrist) is a project developed with J. Walter Thompson, where Bolha created an Augmented Reality mobile app for Instituto Ayrton Senna’s campaign.

The project consisted of a bracelet, made in China, and an application which used Senna’s iconic helmet as the identifying marker to play an animated film over the arm.

It was a very complex application to develop, due to limitations such as the size of the image that needed to be recognized and the field where the film would be “projected” (arm). Several iterations were required to achieve the desired result.

A videocase was created showing Brazilian olympic athletes receiving the bracelet, such as Henrique Rodrigues (swimming), Ana Marcela Cunha (marathon swimming), Tiago Camilo and Felipe Kitadai (judo), Francisco Barreto (artistic gymnastics), and Fernando Reis (weightlifting).

Initially, 2,000 bracelets were manufactured, but the buzz generated among Senna’s fans was so intense that 30,000+ bracelets have been ordered on  Instituto Ayrton Senna website.

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• 2,000 bracelets – initial batch
• 30,000 bracelets – number of orders via ecommerce

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