To promote the product launch of Gillette Venus Breeze razor, Grey/ Global wanted to create a buzz around the advertising panels in Rio de Janeiro that offer a refreshing breeze and mist for people passing by. They created a series of ads that reinforced the product and, moreover, offered free internet for everyone. Bolha was the technological partner for this solution installing BOSII, a product that provides access to free and unlimited wi-fi internet. Dozens of Clear Channel’s mist panels were equipped with BOSII during the first quarter of 2016. To get access to the internet, people just had to connect to the wi-fi network, watch a video ad and receive free and unlimited access. Bolha also created the web interface for the project.

Procter & Gamble (Gillette)

Grey Advertising

IoT, Experiential Marketing

BOSII & Gillette Venus Breeze

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