Hair analysis device

Bolha has helped Natura in the launch of a state-of-the art set that analyses the quality of hair in real time.

Bolha created a portable device with lenses that can be attached to a smartphone. It resembles what is done with a microscope. The diagnosis is made combining the captured image of the hair and a database of over 18,000 images of hair strands from Natura’s laboratories. The app uses the data for real time analysis and recommends products for the person.

The hair database was used to train artificial intelligence to identify imperfections and provide an accurate diagnosis.

Natura have been working for more than 5 years in this project and invited Bolha to make the device tangible and feasible.

The development of the solution is part of Natura’s digital transformation strategy.

“The development of this solution is part of Natura’s digital transformation strategy. We are happy that Bolha helped us to give shape to the concept our laboratory team envisioned. This way we can offer differentiated services through new technologies”

Romulo Zamberlan
Experience & Ecodesign at Natura


Product Design, App, Experiential Marketing