Dress for Respect

Dress for Respect is a concept created by Ogilvy for Schweppes and technically executed by Bolha. A dress with applied technology (wearable) was conceived to measure and raise awareness to harassment of women in night clubs and parties.

Dress for Respect records tactile information every time someone touches one of the sensitive points placed on the dress. Touches captured by the dress are mapped in real time to show the volume and frequency of harassment. In almost 4 hours of use and 3 different models, the dress counted 157 touches in one night.

87% of women

have been harassed in nightclubs (Brazil)

1 dress

and 3 women

157 touchs

observed in real-time



“Bolha was a great partner in ‘Dress for Respect’ project, a campaign we created for Schweppes. The activation draws people’s attention to the issue of women’s harassment in nightclubs and highlights the importance of respect. This complex mechanic was only possible to achieve thru the technology developed by Bolha, installing sensors on a dress. A great campaign relies on good partners to be a success – we were lucky to have Bolha expertise and competence on board.”

Sandra Azedo
Communications Director at Ogilvy

Schweppes (Ogilvy)

Wearable Device, Innovation Lab, Experiential Marketing

Cannes Lions