Prius Challenge

Conceived by Dentsu and Toyota, Prius Challenge presented the advantages of Prius’ hybrid technology through an electric car race controlled by the participants’ brain waves, captured with NeuroSky biosensor. Bolha was a co-author of this project, being involved since the track design to the game mechanics. The track was made from the ground – the layout was cut in a CNC machine, Prius’ cars designed and 3D printed. NeuroSky technology was customized to be used in the game (a competitive 3 minutes race) and a ranking player list was implemented combining NeuroSky, Arduinos and Processing.

The activation attracted more than 4,000 players at Barra Shopping (RJ), Morumbi Shopping and Latin American Exhibition of Electric Vehicles in São Paulo. It also got spontaneous press coverage, being featured on Jornal Nacional (Brazil’s biggest TV news program), SBT Rio and in major publications about cars in Brazil.

+ 35%

increase in test drives

+ 13%

increase in sales

+ 25,000,000

people impacted on TV news coverage

4,000 players

2 cities, 30 days exhibit

“Prius Challenge was one of my early projects at Dentsu Brasil connecting innovation and technology and my first contact with Bolha. What a great first impression! Bolha delivered the results with passion and dedication. And on top of successful delivery, we got a bonus of 3 minutes coverage at the most important primetime TV news program in Brazil.”

Filipe Cuvero
VP Creative at Dentsu Brasil

Toyota (Dentsu Brasil)

Innovation Lab, Experiential Marketing