Vivo, the largest telecommunications company in Brazil – a subsidiary of Telefónica, offered a special digital gift to its customers during the 2014 World Cup.

At #tamoconectado (We Are Connected) website, developed by Bolha, people registered to receive exclusive and personalized messages from the Brazilian soccer team.

First, people received voice messages from Felipão, the team coach, asking for support to the Brazilian team.

Then, during the matches, personalized videos were sent via SMS messages. The content varied according to the performance of the team. For example, messages from team players – Bernard, David Luiz or Hulk – to celebrate the move to quarter-finals or semi-finals.

The highlight of this project were real time SMS sent to celebrate the goal scored by the players, wearing a personalized T-shirt (programmed via rotoscopy) with the customer’s name.

• 40,000 voice messages
• 180,000 SMS messages




Vivo #tamoconectado

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