Ford SafeCap is a project co-created by Bolha for Ford Motor Company via GTB (WPP). The aim of this wearable is to promote safe driving by monitoring head movement and emitting vibrations to prevent truck drivers from falling asleep while driving. Bolha conducted research to identify which movements are part of the trucker’s work routine and which are related to sleep. This study (behavior analysis) was applied to the software installed on the cap, which alerts the driver with sound, light and vibration when noticing a sleep behavior.

Bolha made the complete production of this project: from cap fabrication and software development to design, prototyping and production of hardware. Ford SafeCap is now featured in the exhibit “Wired to Wear” at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, USA.

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“Incredibly inspiring: this is how I describe the experience of working with Bolha on Ford’s Safe Cap project. They delivered a final product combining high end technology, creativity and precision. The result was a successful device that drove powerful stories and buzz around the world.”

Vico Benevides
Executive Creative Director at GTB Latam

Ford Caminhões (GTB)

Product Design, Wearable Device, Open Innovation

Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, D&AD, The One Show